FNAIM member of the National Property Federation

« La Fédération Nationale de l’Immobilier » (National Property Federation) is the leading union organization for real estate professionals. Its members cover all aspects of the trade including transactions, property management, renting, valuation, estate diagnosis and energy audit etc. Founded in 1946, its regional Chamber network covers the whole of the country.

The FNAIM provides constant assistance with all aspects of the business to its members and carries out initial and ongoing training which distinguishes the competence and high standard of quality that FNAIM professionals offer to their customers. It enforces the code of ethics and professional conduct, guaranteeing consumer rights and protection.

Its representativeness, extensive knowledge of the property market, legal and technical skills are recognised by the public authorities responsible for the development of housing policies. Statistics compiled by the FNAIM from data collected from its members and circulated free of charge enable close monitoring of the housing markets. Both as a reference and a partner, the Federation aims to promote a positive, balanced and social vision of the property sector.

The FNAIM is a member of the « Conseil National de la Transaction et de la Gestion Immobilières » (CNTGI). Pierres Passion Immobilier is an historical member of the FNAIM.